About me

I am a 5th year PhD student at the Brain and Cognitive Sciences Department of the University of Rochester. Before coming to Rochester, I worked with Dr. Thomas A. Farmer at the Psychological and Brain Sciences Deparment at the University of Iowa and receive my M.A. in Psychology there. Prior to that, I worked at the Center for Brain and Cognitie Sciences at Peking University under the supervision of Dr. Xiaolin Zhou.

My advisors are Dr. T. Florian Jaeger of the Human Language Processing Lab and Dr.. Michael K. Tanenhaus . Currently, my primary research interest is to study prediction-making in language processing. To be more specific, I'm interested in how predictions about upcoming information are translated into expectations about lower-level features, and how unexpected input lead to adjustment in higher-level representations (or, in two words, generative models). Read more about my research.